With nearly 20 hours of interview footage shot for this documentary, most of it will not be in the final film. In order to make more content available, we have grouped many of the comments by subject area for streaming over the internet. Under each subject heading is a collection of clips containing some reflections and opinions of those interviewed for this documentary. Click on a subject that interests you to launch a short video.

Houston’s National Influence Now Playing
Approximately 6.5 minutes

Gov. Rick Perry, Dr. Patrick Nolan, Dr. Gregg Cantrell, James Haley, and Robert Vann comment on Houston's influence on the United States as a whole.

Moment to be Present At Now Playing
Approximately 3.5 minutes

We asked the experts what moment in Sam Houston's life they would like to have witnessed. Here is some of what they had to say. (Dr. Mike Campbell, Sam Houston IV, James Haley, Dr. Frank de la Teja, Gov. Ann Richards, Robert Vann)

Native Americans Now Playing
Approximately 20 minutes

Cherokee Elder Robert Vann (Winter Owl), Dr. Mike Campbell, James Haley, and Dr. Patrick Nolan discuss Sam Houston's relationship with Native Americans --their influence on his life, his advocacy for their rights, and the differences between Houston's views and the dominant opinion of the time.

Slavery Now Playing
Approximately 10.5 minutes

The institution of slavery was arguably the dominant political issue during Sam Houston's life. Dr. Mike Campbell and James Haley offer their thoughts on the influence it had on Sam Houston as well as his involvement with it.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Personality and Leadership Now Playing
Approximately 18 minutes

Sam Houston was a complex man with both towering strengths and debilitating weaknesses. This series of clips brings together an array of thoughts about his personality, his strengths and weaknesses, his leadership ability, his background, and the principles which governed his life. (James Haley, Elizabeth Crook, Dr. Mike Campbell, Dr. Frank de la Teja, Gov. Ann Richards, Robert Vann, Dr. Gregg Cantrell, Sen. John Cornyn, and Madge Roberts)

Unionism Now Playing
Approximately 7.5 minutes

As a Southern politician Houston was alone in his pro-Union views. What was the root of his deeply held Unionism? What did it cost him to hold on to these views and not compromise his principles? Great-grandson Sam Houston IV, Dr. Mike Campbell, Dr. Gregg Cantrell, Gov. Ann Richards, James Haley, and great-great granddaughter Madge Roberts weigh in on this unyielding position of Sam Houston's.

Why We Care About Houston Now Playing
Approximately 10.5 minutes

It is a simple question: Why do we care about Sam Houston today? This is a collection of answers that many of our subject matter experts gave. (Sam Houston IV, Dr. Mike Campbell, Dr. Frank de la Teja, Sen. John Cornyn, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Dr. Gregg Cantrell, James Haley, and Gov. Rick Perry)

Videos That are Coming Soon

Andrew Jackson Coming Soon
Approximately 6.5 minutes

Sen. Alexander, Dr. Nolan, Dr. Campbell, and James Haley discuss Sam Houston's relationship with Andrew Jackson and the influence of Jackson on his life.

Annexation of Texas Coming Soon
Approximately 8.5 minutes

Houston's goal of getting Texas annexed into the United States eluded him for ten years after the Texas Revolution. His level head and focused attention eventually made that dream come true, but he saw it all collapse into ruin before his very eyes when Texas seceded from the Union in 1861 and descended into the Civil War. In this collection of clips Dr. Campbell, Gov. Richards, Dr. Cantrell, James Haley, and Sen. Cornyn reflect on the issue and Houston's statecraft in making it a reality.

Early Texas Coming Soon
Approximately 14 minutes

Sen. Hutchison, Dr. Cantrell, Dr. de la Teja, and Gov. Richards comment on the settlement of early Texas with respect to Stephen F. Austin and the empressario system, the political situation in Mexico and increasing tensions in Texas, and the Tejano participation in the Texas Revolution.

Horseshoe Bend Coming Soon
Approximately 5.5 minutes

James Haley, Gene Pipes and Dr. Mike Campbell comment on Houston's participation in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend during the War of 1812.

Houston’s Final Days Coming Soon
Approximately 4.5 minutes

James Haley, Gov. Richards, and Gene Pipes offer their thoughts on the final days of Houston's life. His reputation, treatment by the community, and the story of Joshua Houston's offering to Margaret are retold in this series of clips.

Houston’s Marriage to Eliza Allen Coming Soon
Approximately 12.5 minutes

Elizabeth Crook, Dr. Mike Campbell, James Haley, and Madge Roberts explore the mysterious collapse of Houston's marriage to Eliza Allen in Tennessee.

Mexico’s Political Unrest Coming Soon
Approximately 5.5 minutes

Dr. Frank de la Teja explains the tensions in newly independent Mexico and the subsequent causes of political unrest in Texas. The clips conclude with a personal reflection of Gov. Ann Richards.

Perseverance and Focus Coming Soon
Approximately 5 minutes

In this series of clips Sam Houston IV, Dr. Patrick Nolan, James Haley, Gov. Richards, and Gov. Perry reflect on Sam Houston's ability to stay focused on what he deemed to be important and persevere.

Religion and Spirituality Coming Soon
Approximately 11.5 minutes

The influence of religion on Sam Houston's life is a large part of his story, particularly after his mid-life marriage to Margaret Lea in Alabama. Dr. Gregg Cantrell, James Haley, Madge Roberts, and Gov. Perry reflect on the role faith played in his life, both during his childhood and maturity.

Sam Houston Stories Coming Soon
Approximately 9 minutes

No work on Houston is complete without a few stories. Here are a few of our favorite clips that didn't make it into the film --some light hearted, some just interesting. Dr. Campbell, James Haley and Madge Roberts.

Santa Anna Coming Soon
Approximately 3 minutes

Dr. Campbell and James Haley discuss Houston's decision to spare Santa Anna's life after San Jacinto and comment on his character and temperament.

The Texas Army and the San Jacinto Campaign Coming Soon
Approximately 9 minutes

Dr. Mike Campbell comments on Houston's orders with respect to the Alamo, and James Haley discusses Houston's battle strategy during the Texas Army's long retreat during the Runaway Scrape.

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