Here is a small sample of Houston-related items that can be seen in museums across the country. Each artifact has its own story and a special place in the narrative of General Houston's life.

Graves of Early Texans


This map contains the burial locations for many important people from early Texas.


Important Places in Sam Houston’s Life


This map locates places where Sam grew up, worked, fought, visited, got married, held office, and died.




The locations of many museums with displays from the early 1800s are pinpointed on this map.


Sites of Interest


This map identifies a few famous landmarks that were known to Sam Houston, the grave sites of some people who were important to Houston's life, the home sites of a few other people of note, the location of some early Texas towns, and other interesting sites.


Texas Army Movements and Revolution Sites


This map traces the movement, campsites, and battlefields of the Texas Army during March and April of 1836. The locations of modern historical markers are also included.


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